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Research Suggests 100% Correlation Between XRP Investors And Guys Who Pull Their Pants Down To Their Ankles To Piss In Public Restrooms

STANFORD, CA – Contentious remittance cryptocurrency XRP is making rounds in the media again, but this time on the shoulders of a groundbreaking new study. Published in various science journals across the country, the study in question has revealed that given the opportunity, an astounding 100% of XRP […]

Dogecoin Investor Confused About Why They Keep Losing Money Despite Following All Of Their Pump & Dump Group’s Instructions

JACKSONVILLE, FL – With news of the GameStop (GME) short-squeeze reaching global notoriety, people across the world are finding themselves feeling a bit left out, turning to alternative investments in hopes of retiring in the coming weeks at any cost. One such individual is recently self-proclaimed investing mogul […]

BREAKING: Chinese Crypto Influencer Mispronounces Litecoin As “Ritecoin” In Bullish Interview, Christian Altcoin Ritecoin Skyrockets – VEN Down Another 20%

TOKYO – Miscommunication resulting from language barriers has left the crypto world in a frenzy today, as popular Chinese cryptocurrency influencer Wang Chi mispronounced ‘Litecoin’ as ‘Ritecoin’ in a recent bullish interview. LTC price was unaffected by the mix up, while VEN immediately dropped another 20% Following the […]