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Name Shortages Of Bitcoin Forks Leaves Blockchain Developer No Choice But To Reluctantly Name His Fork ‘Bitcoin Polyester’

SACRAMENTO, CA – While some wildly successful and others nothing more than fleeting money grabs, Bitcoin forks have run rampant in the crypto space within the last few

BREAKING: Chinese Crypto Influencer Mispronounces Litecoin As “Ritecoin” In Bullish Interview, Christian Altcoin Ritecoin Skyrockets – VEN Down Another 20%

TOKYO – Miscommunication resulting from language barriers has left the crypto world in a frenzy today, as popular Chinese cryptocurrency influencer Wang Chi mispronounced ‘Litecoin’ as ‘Ritecoin’ in a recent bullish interview. LTC price was unaffected by the mix up, while VEN immediately dropped another 20% Following the […]