Mobile App Idea Guy Ditches Dead-End Career Path To Pursue Newfound Dreams Of Becoming Unnecessary Blockchain Solution Idea Guy


SPOKANE, WA – Evident by a recent series of lengthy Craigslist job postings for blockchain developers to work on “the next Ethereum”, local man & self-described entrepreneur Arthur Padilla has purportedly transitioned from pursuing a career as a ‘mobile app idea guy’ in favor of the more lucrative ‘blockchain solution idea guy’. Padilla intends to bring his revolutionary, multi-million dollar visions to life – once he finds developers to work without pay, that is.

“It’s been a wild ride, but at the end of the day I’m simply a businessman and I go where the money goes.” Padilla told us with wry smile. “I’ll miss all the long nights spent brainstorming & mind mapping app ideas, carefully hiding the details of said ideas from my friends & family so that nobody tries to steal them, scouring the internet to learn how to build apps without code, but alas, it’s time to move on to big and better things.”

Padilla explained his thought process behind the decision to pivot from from mobile apps to blockchain, and how this will bode better for him down the line.

“When you’re an Idea Guy for mobile apps it’s pretty much impossible to find anybody to work with. People are selfish by nature and only care about the money, demanding payment for their services up front and stuff. Like, what? Do you think that Woz was paid a salary when he was building computers in a garage for Apple? That’s rich. Why would I pay somebody develop an app that may not even be successful? That’s a lot of risk to me, and I’m honestly just not comfortable taking that on.”

“Now, from an Idea Guy perspective, blockchain/crypto projects are veritable goldmine.” Padilla continued. “Getting some developers on board would be nice, but it’s not really necessary. These dipshits that invest in crypto throw money at projects with anonymous teams and no working product all the time! If I spin up Squarespace site with a few buzzwords and a generic whitepaper, that’s like half the product right there – I mean, just look at Cardano! They must have a friggin’ team of Idea Guys!”

Despite his bright outlook, Padilla’s mother expressed frustrations about his storied career as an Idea Guy, and the resulting behavior.

“At least he’s stopped doing that thing where he ropes you into a conversation about an app idea of his, and then scoffs at you saying ‘Nice try, Bill Gates.’, if you ask about it or how it works.” Mrs.Padilla explained tiredly. “I’ve mentioned that maybe he should just take some courses to learn how to develop some of his ideas himself, but he just smirks at me and says he’s ‘more of a big picture guy’.

Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash