Charlie Lee Lists ‘Copy-Pasting’ Under Skills and Endorsements Section on LinkedIn


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Controversial cryptocurrency icon, Charlie Lee, has left his Litecoin constituents puzzled after his contentious decision to add “Copy-Pasting” to his list of LinkedIn skills. The overwhelming disapproval is a direct reaction from long-time Litecoin evangelists who have feverishly defended criticisms that Litecoin is nothing more than a Bitcoin clone.

“I understand that it might come off as a bit counter-intuitive to list this as a core skill,” Lee explained. “But my aptitude for copy-pasting isn’t something I want to be overlooked in my professional career going forward. I don’t understand why this is such an issue. I made blocks 4x faster, but nobody is in an uproar about me listing ‘Basic Math’ as a skill.”

While the majority of the community is in disagreement of Lee’s choice, a few recommendations from his LinkedIn profile showcase another perspective:

“Charlie’s copy-pasting abilities are unreal. He has nearly perfected the keyboard shortcuts, as well.”

“I’ve never met somebody who gets such raw satisfaction from slightly altering the work of others and passing it off as his own creation.”

In the face of nearly unanimous objection to the situation, Lee appears to be no stranger to addressing criticisms of his personal work, and cleared up a few accusations.

“Yes, I am often accused of being a lazy developer. To those people I say; you should see my LeetCode history. I have literally perfect scores on LeetCode. I simply copy-paste the questions to StackOverflow, wait a day or two, and boom. Some sucker just hands me the answer, which I then (as you can probably guess) copy-paste back over and submit to LeetCode.”

“But let me ask you this,” Lee continued. “If I’m such a lazy developer, why do I occasionally adjust the white space and general code formatting to make it more readable? Because it’s my job? Get real. At one point during my stint at Google they asked me to ‘de bug’ and ‘write tests’ for a few modules from the YouTube Mobile app code base, and I quit on the spot. I know my worth, and I’m more than just some code-monkey who works on intern level tasks.”

An unnamed ex-girlfriend of Lee’s recently published a tell all, where she briefly touched on Charlie’s extensive history of copy-pasting.

“We used to fight a lot when we were dating,” she admitted. “He used to copy-paste long winded apologies that he found on Yahoo Answers and send them to me – so the whole Bitcoin/Litecoin thing didn’t come as much of a surprise. When our relationship got real rough, he would even go so far as to copy-paste song lyrics with my name in them and try to play them off as poems he wrote.”

Photo by Rayi Christian Wicaksono on Unsplash

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