Research Suggests 100% Correlation Between XRP Investors And Guys Who Pull Their Pants Down To Their Ankles To Piss In Public Restrooms

STANFORD, CA – Contentious remittance cryptocurrency XRP is making rounds in the media again, but this time on the shoulders of a groundbreaking new study. Published in various science journals across the country, the study in question has revealed that given the opportunity, an astounding 100% of XRP […]

Dogecoin Investor Confused About Why They Keep Losing Money Despite Following All Of Their Pump & Dump Group’s Instructions

JACKSONVILLE, FL – With news of the GameStop (GME) short-squeeze reaching global notoriety, people across the world are finding themselves feeling a bit left out, turning to alternative investments in hopes of retiring in the coming weeks at any cost. One such individual is recently self-proclaimed investing mogul […]

Semantic Satiation: Roger Ver Seeks Therapy After Saying ‘It’s Not Called Bcash’ So Many Times In A Row That It’s Lost All Meaning To Him

TOKYO – An anonymous source has disclosed that Bitcoin Cash flag bearer, Roger Ver, has gone to seek psychiatric help following his inability to discern the meaning of the phrase “It’s not called Bcash”, and other similar variations. This is a common consequence of incessantly repeating a phrase […]