BREAKING: Chinese Crypto Influencer Mispronounces Litecoin As “Ritecoin” In Bullish Interview, Christian Altcoin Ritecoin Skyrockets – VEN Down Another 20%


TOKYO – Miscommunication resulting from language barriers has left the crypto world in a frenzy today, as popular Chinese cryptocurrency influencer Wang Chi mispronounced ‘Litecoin’ as ‘Ritecoin’ in a recent bullish interview. LTC price was unaffected by the mix up, while VEN immediately dropped another 20%

Following the interview, Ritecoin, a previously obscure coin built on the Ethereum blockchain surged from 0.00000183ETH to 0.8ETH in a matter of hours. Our staff was able to reach out to the team behind Ritecoin following their meteoric rise.

“Ritecoin is bringing Jesus to the blockchain, and Christianity to the 21st century.” says sole proprietor, Reverend John Wolfe. “We’re disrupting traditional cash offering plates by facilitating the ability for offerings to be exclusively paid out in Ritecoin transactions”

Rev. Wolfe continued to say that these new developments are a godsend for Ritecoin, as well as their key partners.

“Since churches associated with The Church of Christ don’t pay taxes, Ritecoin is also by association, nontaxable. This allows us to trade our coin against ETH, and not pay a dime in taxes when we cash out. I understand that might sound unethical, but good Christians understand that every cent of our gains will go to- ”

At this point in the interview, Rev. Wolfe conveniently came down with a cough and could not continue to answer as to where these funds would be going.

Photo by Karl Fredrickson on Unsplash

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