The Next Bitcoin? One Trader’s Journey To Find Other Projects That Are Also Too Slow And Expensive To Use

OXNARD, CA – The HODL Times staff sat down for an interview with eager cryptocurrency trader Evan Wilkinson, who is on a journey to do what most investors only dream of – finding the next Bitcoin before his parents kick him out and he has to get a job.

“I initially considering doing something called ‘technical analysis’, but I don’t have the time to learn what that is or how it works. The clock is ticking – I only have a few months left to retire before my parents give me the boot”, Wilkinson explained.

“As a jumping off point, I decided to take long hard look at Bitcoin as a technology and ask myself the real questions – why is it’s valuation is so high? What sets it apart from the others, and which projects can achieve a similar rise? Well, the first things that come to mind are that Bitcoin is both absurdly expensive to send and painfully slow to confirm. Come to think of it I’m not exactly sure why this isn’t more of a point against Bitcoin, but hey – who am I to argue with it? I trust that the guys over at Blockstream are doing everything they can to ensure that it can be used as the best peer-to-peer electronic cash system they can.”

When asked about how the search is going, and if there have been any projects thus far that that meet the criteria, Wilkinson had this to say:

“It’s proving difficult to find projects with networks that are as slow & expensive to transact on as Bitcoin. I’m starting to suspect that nearly every cryptocurrency does what Bitcoin does, but considerably better. I mean sure, Ethereum is a close runner up in terms of being wildly expensive to transact on, but that’s a bit too blue for my blood. Is it really too much to ask just to stumble across a coin that costs a fraction of a cent that will have a meteoric rise to be worth more than most publicly traded companies?”

Wilkinson’s research has led him to ask critical questions about the technology on the r/bitcoin subreddit, where he was met with waves of vitriol and accusations.

“I was immediately bombarded with comments being called a ‘shill’, a ‘hedgie’ (I don’t even think that applies to cryptocurrency, but whatever), and was quickly banned. Although, one guy told me that DOGE is going to be the next big thing, but I’m not sure about that – it’s pretty fast and cheap to send”

“Maybe I’ll start investing in NFTs, or something.”, he added.

Photo by Matt Howard on Unsplash

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