BREAKING: Sunny Lu Rebrands VeChainThor To VeChainAvengers, Implements Antman And Thanos Sidechains

LUXEMBOURG – In an unexpected press release, VeChain CEO Sunny Lu has revealed the Foundation’s intentions to re-brand their flagship blockchain to the ‘much more powerful’ VeChainAvengers blockchain.

Drawing criticism from nearly every corner of the cryptosphere, Lu has feverishly defended the decision, citing that the implementation is moving forward unless the community can suggest something way cooler, or less professional sounding.

“I can understand how one might think that naming an enterprise supply chain platform after a team of children’s superheroes is poor business acumen, but it’s not. It’s actually badass and cool – something those troglodytes at Waltonchain know nothing about”, Lu stated matter-of-factly. “I mean what the hell even is that? Walton sounds like a total rube. You put the god damn Avengers and this ‘Walton’ guy in the ring together and you see who comes out on top.”


The Foundation maintains that while their re-branding efforts might appear to be nothing more the result of off-the-cuff decision making from their high-functioning autistic executive team, that under the hood the underlying tech is being entirely overhauled.

“VeChainAvengers is of course the primary chain, but all of the sidechains play a very important role in the platform as well”, CTO Gu Jianliang offered. “For example; while the Thanos sidechain is incredibly resilient, we have implemented a revolutionary contingency feature in which if the Antman chain was to be exploited by attackers, it can then ‘penetrate’ the Thanos chain through a backdoor entry point. The Antman chain would then for lack of a better word, ‘expand’ inside of the Thanos chain. This results in a soft fork where the Antman chain Thanos become one and move forward without the compromised blocks.”

At press time, it’s unknown if the Foundation has yet to consider any alternatives. Lu has however since tweeted to his followers asking who would win in a fight, the Avengers or Blockstream.

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