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Study: All Those Guys with Leo DiCaprio Avatars Spamming Diamond, Rocket Emojis Actually Fucking Suck At Making Money

SAINT PAUL, MN – Even the most passive lurkers of fintech spheres are likely to have encountered this behavior online in recent years; hoards of ostensibly low-functioning teenagers with Wolf of Wall Street-inspired avatars/profile pictures unloading emojis and poor financial advice in every corner of the web. Our […]


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Semantic Satiation: Roger Ver Seeks Therapy After Saying ‘It’s Not Called Bcash’ So Many Times In A Row That It’s Lost All Meaning To Him

TOKYO – An anonymous source has disclosed that Bitcoin Cash flag bearer, Roger Ver, has gone to seek psychiatric help following his inability to discern the meaning of the phrase “It’s not called Bcash”, and other similar variations. This is a common consequence of incessantly repeating a phrase […]