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Report: Ethereum Classic Holders Also Prefer Missionary Sex, Generic Pizza Rolls Over Better Versions Of Those Things

HARTFORD, RH – It comes as no surprise that the chaotic cryptocurrency space by and large carries the most shit-slinging and tribalism among it’s stakeholders. This misguided vitriol is particularly prevalent in the communities of failing projects that are the result of hard forks such as Ethereum Classic, […]

BREAKING: r/Bitcoin And /r/BTC To Set Aside Their Differences And Come Together To Talk Shit About r/XRP

REDDIT, Internet – Long-time forum adversaries r/Bitcoin and r/BTC have reportedly set aside their differences to talk shit about centralized, real-time settlement system xRapid. Tensions have recently been high in the crypto community, as numerous initiatives and startups have decidedly chosen to work along banks as opposed to against them have been gaining traction. […]