An Open Letter From John McAfee: “Jokes On You, I Cut Off And Ate My Dick Years Ago.”


My dear friends,

Did you really think that I wouldn’t have a contingency plan in the event I was wrong about a price prediction I made when I was high on mescaline? You fucking idiots, of course I didn’t actually think that Bitcoin was going to become worth one million dollars per coin. If you for one moment think that the global banks & governments would allow that to happen then you’re more delusional than I am.

At this point I’m sure you’re asking yourself, ‘Oh well hey John, if you didn’t genuinely believe that Bitcoin would be worth that much then why did you make a bet about it?’ – well, because fuck you that’s why. I don’t have to answer to anybody. When I cut off & ate my dick all those years ago, do you think I did it because I lost a bet? Fuck no. I did it so that I could use it as a bargaining chip for future bets. Do you have any god damn idea how few people in the world can figuratively put their dick on the line for a wager and have it taken seriously? I can tell you that it’s not many – that’s some real power that not many people in this life get to throw around.

Now, as for my ACTUAL prediction –  I’m not going to tell you fucking crybabies anything. You take everything I say so literally and then cry at me on Twitter like I have anything to do with the price movement. I’m a reasonable person – but if my bet to cut off my dick was your motivation for investing in a unstable asset, then how about this wager; if you fuck the hell off I’ll pull a small piece of my brain out with a wire hanger. OOH WAIT I already did that a few weeks ago, haha looks like you have to fuck off now.

Best regards,

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