Vitalik Buterin Announces Availability Of His New Bodybuilding Program ‘Proof Of Steak’


MOSCOW, RUSSIA – In a surprising turn of events, wunderkind and Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin has announced in a recent tweet the general availability of his new bodybuilding program, Proof Of Steak. This out of character decision has left the Ethereum community perplexed, demanding an explanation for the pivot away from project development.

“As the founder and poster child of the Ethereum Foundation, my physical appearance is a direct reflection of how people will perceive the strength of the platform,” said the founder. “I understand this might seem a bit unwarranted, but let me ask you this – would you rather have your investments associated with an emaciated, block-headed Ruskie, or a brolic, muscle-bound beefcake?”

Seemingly aware about concerns of his attention pivoting away from the platform, Vitalik continued to justify his new found decision and gave us an exclusive look into his dietary and exercise regimen.

“A typical day in my routine is to drink a six-pack of PediaSure, work some bug tickets on the EVM Github repo for about an hour so that I don’t cramp up, and then drive to the gym.” Vitalik began. “From there I’ll bench press 4 sets of 5 with no added weight, knock out a few guided pull-ups, down another PediaSure, and then wrap up with a few sets of arm circles. I’ll then usually go vomit in the locker room shower a few times, then quickly drive home where I’ll have another 3 PediaSures for dinner and an actual shower that’s not covered in vomit.”

The HODL Times staff reached out for comment from members of the gym to discuss Vitalik’s progress and presence in the facility.

“All I can really say is that the guy definitely drinks a lot of Pediasure,” said Vitalik’s personal trainer Ivan Stepanov. “If his intake of baby supplements is any indication of his ability to work on Ethereum, I’d say that the community is in gangling, but good hands.”

“I’m all for encouraging newcomers and people wanting to better themselves physically,” Stepanov continued “but the constant flow of new unicorn t-shirts and miscommunication are a bit off-putting. Last week I had asked him if he needed a spotter and he told me that the foundation wasn’t hiring, whatever that means.”

At press time, it is unclear whether or not Vitalik will remain focused on Ethereum development for the foreseeable future, but keep an eye out for hardback release of Proof of Steak, coming to bookstores near you.

Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash

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