Guy Rugged For $50 Last Year Refers To Himself As ‘An OG Crypto Veteran’

LEXINGTON, KY – Financial crises tend to strike when you least expect them; a cliché that self anointed ‘OG crypto veteran’ Skyler Larson, knows all too well after having lost what he describes as ‘a considerable chunk of change’ in a one of the latest cases of DeFi rug pulls. Despite having only learned of the existence of cryptocurrency less than a year ago, Larson maintains that he’s a ‘tried & true, battle hardened OG crypto veteran’.

The HODL Times staff was able to connect with Larson for an exclusive interview following his financial misfortune.

“It’s rather uncouth to divulge the specifics, wouldn’t you say?” Larson smugly remarked when asked exactly how much money he lost. “Let’s just say that last year I dropped a good chunk of change into a certain internet dog meme-themed Ethereum killer. I don’t know much about it, per se, but some really enthusiastic, helpful guys on discord told me it was a sure thing and walked me through the entire process.”

Our team reached out to a close relative of Larson’s for comment on the situation.


“Fifty dollars,” flatly stated Amy Larson, Skyler’s sister. “Some teenagers in a discord server tricked him into investing fifty dollars in some shitcoin and he suddenly made it his entire identity. He’s always wearing sunglasses inside, and each time his phone rings he asks people around him to ‘give him the room’, then answers it by loudly saying ‘talk to me’, or ‘go for Skyler’. The guy doesn’t even have a job, and he still owes me for the $50 I lent him.”

Larson claims to have learned his lesson from this fiasco, and to have since adjusted his investing strategy.

“Crazy to think that less than 12 months ago I didn’t even know what crypto was,” Larson lauded. “But as a battle hardened OG crypto veteran, I’ve since achieved a sage-like zen and can clearly see the error of my ways; DeFi platforms offering 200% APY are an obvious red flag. I’ve now refined my criteria to be no more than 100% APY so that I can avoid the duds. I know what you’re thinking – 100% is a paltry yield, but if the billionaire mindset has taught me anything, it’s that you have to be patient.”

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

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