Co-Creator Of Bitcoin Cash Tip Bot ‘Tippr’ Updates Code Base To Philosophically And Programatically Tip Less Than 15%


SLIPPERY ROCK, PA – Enthusiasts and engineers across the globe have been struggling for years to make the barrier of entry into crypto easier for the average person, and the advent of tipping bots has been a deceptively simple nod at the potential accessibility to come. Bitcoin Cash tipping bot, ‘Tippr’, is one such example – used across a variety of social platforms, initiatives like Tippr have capitalized on lateral thinking and use cases that show off just how decentralized, cheap, and fast crypto payments can ultimately be.

For better or for worse, co-creator of ‘Tippr’, Alex Paden, is fighting a different battle.

“You remember hearing about how the guy who created K-Cups completely regretted doing so because of the impact it had on the environment? That’s pretty much where I’m at,” said Paden. “I’ve been against tipping for as long as I can remember – why would I give extra money to somebody who’s already being paid?” he posed. “Do I think crypto should have functionality that supports tipping & micro-payments? Yes, of course – I’m not arguing that. Do I think that a waitress, or like a god damn plumber or something deserves to tipped 15% for simply doing their job? Nice try, socialism.”

The newest release of Tippr boasts an algorithm that calculates and assigns the recipient’s content a monetary value broken down into Satoshis (sats), and ensures that the maximum amount to be tipped cannot exceed 15 percent of the calculated value the algorithm perceives the content to be worth.

“The ultimate goal of the bot is to normalize tipping laughably minuscule amounts, while at the same time making the recipient believe it will ‘add up’ and ‘be worth more’ than 15% of their respective fiat currency would be.” Paden explained. “You replied to a help thread with ‘OP’s mom’? Boom, 500 sats. Posted a meme about Craig Wright’s Codecademy account? Another 300 sats coming your way. If we can get the majority of the world on board with being tipped a few cents for their service, then I have done my job of eradicating tipping 15% as a cultural norm, and can die a happy man.”

Unsurprisingly, these new developments have been met with various degrees of contention, including trending hashtags defending conventional tipping as a necessity for those in lower paying, customer service facing roles. Paden recently addressed these concerns on Twitter:

“Here’s a tip, go to college.”

Photo by Sam Truong Dan on Unsplash

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